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Profesor Avatar it’s a telepresence model that combines the use of “Real Time Holographic Projections” and “Telepresence Robots”. It provides the opportunity of taking education where geographical circumstances, insecurity or cost couldn’t reach. Having telepresent specialists, tutors and pairs of students interacting in real time, exchanging knowledge and experiences from diverse contexts. 

The teacher or specialist can see and hear the students in real time, offering special attention, giving immediate feedback. Seeing the professor in full body, at human scale, it generates a sum of emotions in the students while they perceive that the professor is really there. Humanising long distance education.

It allows important cost savings and provides mobility to a limited number of tutors and students. It constitutes a transmission medium for ideas, knowledge and experience from leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers guides in the teaching-learning process.

This model is flexible because it adapts to different methodologies and styles of learning. It is highly scalable because with less than $2,000 USD a holographic projection kit can be built.

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